Blog Entries

During the second part of the residency at Lake Studios I will post a series of shorter text that reflect the project I’m busy with during the residency, the conditions under which we practice dance today next as well as some thought on, well, dance choreography, art and politics. Those texts have been researched and penned down during the residency and a couple of months prior to the period.

During the residency my projects concerns relations between dance and anxiety, in particular respect of climate change and simultaneously researching connections between affect and anxiety. If dance has a particular and active relations to affect, which it has, it makes it interesting to consider in connection to anxiety, which is different than worry or trouble that is forms of turbulence that can be addressed vis a vis arguments – don’t worry, we will be back home before the rain comes – whereas anxiety is a sensation in the body that can not be dealt with through reason. “It doesn’t matter how much you try to explain, I’m still scared beyond words.” or “You can’t convince me, there is a giant spider under my bed however much you vacuum clean underneath it.”

The starting point for this on going research is how dance can be considered and practiced as a means to address climate anxiety, a phenomena that over the last years has become more and more common especially amongst younger people. Climate anxiety can obviously not be cured by argument or reason which is where dance comes into the picture. Can we dance together and practice our bodies, together as a means of proactively spending time with our anxieties. Anxiety is particularly complicated as it often comes with apathy. Therefore it is important to develop practices that empowers the participant, not in the sense of advice or result oriented tasks but exactly through affective stimuli, thus the participant develops his or her own agency, and agency gives way to active participation.

However, during the residency a new project has emerged that opens for a different approach, in particular in respect dance relation to internet and online dissemination.

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