Emily Ranford – Dance-Tech Oct/Nov 2020

I am an Australian dancer/choreographer based in Berlin currently in residence at Lake Studios for the Tech Residency for a project in collaboration with creative coder and video maker Bogdan Licar. Together we embark on a project of a 360 degree view of performances in the form of a website gallery to host the performance, to be viewed remotely from any browser.


Mirrors in Space

coming soon to be outlived
by the stairs free falling into the running water
the stars rolling away from each other
outshone by silhouettes on fortuitous placards
& out of sight; forgetful of its smeared desires

A collaboration between Emily Ranford and Bogdan Licar


thinking about productivity and societies based around success
of schedules and output versus flowing through time in own rhythms
feeling the need to say yes to everything work related with the imminent threat of not being allowed overload versus under load versus under-load
that there is the most sense in moving together, even when moving alone, together

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In residence @lakestudiosberlin ✨💕

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