Maria Coma · Vocal Roots | April & May 2020

During this residency at Lake Studios I started the composition – research for the work Vocal Roots: a piece for 5 voices & bodies based on the human body as a whole instrument and the voice as a fundamental element. Experiencing the alive body as a source of sound with its potential to be(come) music(al).

The core of this piece is a call to reconnect with nature. Departing from a research into embodiment using the basic elements manifested in nature as well as in our bodies.

“I have found that my body is, in a sense, a microcosm of the world, and thus, a laboratory for understanding its meaning” (Stinson, 2004).

I chose to focus mainly in one of the elements: Earth – while acknowledging that all the elements exist in constant interplay with one another – Earth with its attributes: density, frame, shape, boundaries, matter… This brought me to these qualities in my body, voice and breath: getting more in touch with the bone structure, inner cavities, muscles, blood and heart. The relationship between inner & outer was very present.

This is a sound excerpt from myself singing a cappella a Vocal Polyphonic piece (Sisa Tura) on the beginning of the residency while testing the sound of the room, the orientation of the microphones and my body-voice in the space. The so appreciated sound of Lake Studios’ room-space was really playing an important role during this process.

… more details about the process coming soon… !

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